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First End of the Year Summary

Updated: May 6, 2022

Welcome to our first Blog post! This is a recap of the End of the Year Summary sent Dec 31st, 2021 along with images we took this year of our participants. Join today for $10/month: Every dollar goes to a woman in need.

Message from the Founder, Alexa Benson

Welcome to our very first End of the Year Summary! Starting a non-profit is hard work, but tremendously rewarding when the vision achieves concrete results. We recruited Heather Albright as our Secretary and Annalisa Guidone as our Treasurer. We sent out ads on Facebook and found 2 non-profits that were aligned with our core values, Imaji's Voice in Calabar, Nigeria and Binni Biaani in the small village of Ixtaltapec in Oaxaca, Mexico. Both program partners were working hands on with women to help them gain economic independence through some skill, training or traditional institutional education. Whether it was organic soap making, hair extension and make-up application or more cultural endeavors such as traditional doll making, embroidery or ceramics, Women and Girls First supported their dreams. We believe that women are more likely to succeed when given a choice.

Next year we have BIG plans. We currently have 5 monthly subscribers ($100/month) and are aiming for 25 subscribers ($500/month) by the end of 2022. Our donors currently give between $10-$30 a month. We hope you consider becoming a monthly donor. Consistent funding helps us better plan future projects with our program partners.

With only one more woman to sponsor in Oaxaca, Mexico, we are moving to another village recently hit hard by economic obstacles from Covid-19. An anonymous donor has agreed to sponsor an entire group of 8-10 women! We will be traveling to Mexico in February or March to deliver the funds and help them purchase the supplies and visit the participants in both villages. If you are interested in donating to this specific project or attending in person, please subscribe above.

We will continue to support Pauline from Imaji's Voice through her second year of studies at the University of Uyo to become a psychologist, as well as her local campaigns to raise awareness of Mental Illness in her student lead community. Because of the amount of funds raised, we were able to pay her tuition for one year, pay for rent in a safe apartment for one year, as well as purchase a bed, table and chair, and small stove with propane. She sends her heartfelt thanks for those who helped her in her time of need and believing in her enough to support her in her educational goals. Not a dollar was wasted, the last $15 went to pay for needed feminine hygiene products for a group of girls at a local highschool (many girls need to leave school when they do not have these essential supplies)!

In closing, the Board would like to thank everyone who made our first year a success (see list below). We understand that there are thousands of organizations that you could have given your money to, and your chose 'us'! May we continue to earn the trust of your hard earned dollars and help it reach a human in need across the globe. Remember, 100% of every dollar you give goes directly to help a girl or woman who lacks the resources to achieve economic independence.

We look forward to keeping you regularly updated on the status of the women you help. Many blessings and have a safe and Happy New Year!

Alexa Benson

Founder and President

Women and Girls First a 501(c)3 non-religious organization based in Veneta, OR


Here are a few pictures of actual women and girls we helped in the last year!

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