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Program Country: Nigeria (Calabar)
Program Founder: Pauline Imaji Ojang
Program Goals:

 1) For women and girls to develop self reliance early on in life.
 2) To foster a viable self esteem in women and girls.
 3) To present a reliable pillar of constant support for women and girls experiences.
 4) To lay a foundation for a proactive, respectable, honorable and independent                  womanhood.
 5) To ultimately present a platform for first hand accounts to a woman or girl's living story.
A partner since March 2021, Imaji's Voice has fulfilled it's needs at this time. To help Pauline click here.
10 women and many other students from Imaji's Voice have been given supplies and training to support themselves through the partnership with Women and Girls First (updated weekly):​
  • Rachel
  • Blessing
  • Joanna
  • Sarah
  • Joy
  • Esther
  • Antonia
  • Beauty
  • Pauline
  • Goodnews
  • Numerous students at University of Uyo
Current and past participants learning hair styling/extension application, organic soap making, make-up application and attending University of Uyo. We also sponsored World Mental Health Day 2021!
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