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Image by Filip Gielda

Binni Biaani A.C.

Project Country: Mexico
Region: Oaxaca (Ascuncion Ixtaltepec)

Program Founder: Nayla Altamirano

Binni Biaani A.C. is an organization that responded to the disaster caused by the earthquakes that occurred on September 2017 to the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. Since then  they have worked with women and children who seek to strengthen the social fabric and recover their economy through models of 'economic solidarity'. 'Economic solidarity'  focuses on empowering women's groups, identifying and building leaders, and improving the economy for women and their families. They want to be a channel of opportunity that allows women and children to sow seeds of hope within their communities.

Binni Biaani A.C. assists women between the ages of 20 and 80 and children between the ages of  5 and 14 from the region of Oaxaca. These are vulnerable communities with high indices of marginalization.

Binni Biaani A.C. helps women:

  1. Through teaching the economic solidarity (business) model  where women learn to collaborate together to achieve economic success.

  2. By creating spaces of resilience in which women and girls can empower themselves and work as a team to gain knowledge about women's rights, promoting a culture of peace and a living a life without violence.

  3. Identifying leadership opportunities and inspiring women to have an alternative long-term economy. 

  4. Providing children with tools that allow them to develop to the best of their abilities.

A partner since June of 2021, Binni Biaani is in great need of individual sponsorships
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