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Women & Girls First

Mission Statement: To increase the value of women and girls through safe access to education.

How do we plan to achieve this? By creating global educational partnerships that train women and girls in skills they can use to support themselves economically.

Our 0% administrative costs allow for 100% of your donation to go exactly where it is needed most.

Help lift a woman or girl out of poverty and empower her through education today!


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Current news!!
05/1/2022 (Calabar, Nigeria) - Pauline introduces Esther, a student at the Univ of Uyo, who like her, needed to find other work due to the current teacher strike. Follow Pauline!

05/06/2022 (Oaxaca, Mexico) -
We returned from the village of  Ixtaltapec in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico.  We met with two of our participants and found them to be very talented and motivated to become economically self sufficient. Click here for more info. 


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Women and Girls First was born from the vision that humanity can only fulfill it's highest potential when each person is valued equally and has equal opportunities in life. We believe the most significant humanitarian disparity of our time is the way women and girls are treated throughout the world. One of the root causes of this is unequal access to a safe education - 66% of the worlds 774 million illiterate people are women (Bird, 2019). Which is why we have chosen to put the education of women and girls FIRST!

Our organization is unique in that we allow YOU, the donor, to choose exactly where your money goes. No more 'blind' giving that hopefully trickles down to where you thought it would. We are 100% transparent in how your money is spent. All administrative overhead is covered by the Founder Alexa Benson in the lifelong pursuit of philanthropy.


Most importantly, being a part of our organization is about becoming an active solution to the global problem of Women's Inequality. We can no longer afford to undervalue half the population of our planet. The time to act is now!

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What & How?

We seek out both fledgling and established non-profit organizations that directly supply and train women in skills they can use to support themselves.


Our Goal is to create enduring global partnerships that reflect our mission and support them using our administrative, organizational and social media expertise.

Donors can support us by:


1) Sponsoring an individual woman  

2) Donating to a fundraiser for specific Projects

3) Become a monthly sponsor ($10-30/monthly)

4) Be a one-time donor using:                

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Our Board

Fellow globe trekkers with a passion for women's health and women's empowerment, both Alexa and Heather graduated from El Camino College in 2004 with a degree in Nursing Science. 
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Currently seeking position of Treasurer

We are a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, non-religious corporation based in Veneta, Oregon, USA.

EIN: 86-2779517

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info@womenandgirlsfirst.org | (458)-207-0592
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