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Project Costa Chica (Guerrero, Mexico)

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The program consists of three components; the first refers to the selection of participating women who share a common problem and who have the will and conviction to "get ahead" in an associative manner. The second component refers to the training and gender awareness process that will enable them to offer carpentry, masonry, electrical, confectionery, bakery, beachwear and other trades with value in the local market of Marquelia, a town on the Costa Chica with high commercial connectivity, multiethnic and with at least 20,000 inhabitants of African-American descent. The third component of the program consists of formulating a project as a social and solidarity-based enterprise that will enable them to self-manage, plan, promote and execute paid services with high social visibility in the community and as an example of female vitality and leadership.


The program seeks to train 21 women in the same condition of vulnerability and gender violence, support the process of resilience, adaptation and training for life and generate an associative enterprise with at least 8 women willing to collaborate, form their social entrepreneurship, support each other and go to market with innovative, competitive and self-managed products and services with a discreet accompaniment for their market success.



After one year, to raise awareness, train and develop entrepreneurial women who can overcome their vulnerability and gender violence empowered with arts and crafts with market value through an innovative social enterprise led by them and accompanied by experts.



I. Gender awareness and its potential

II. Social and entrepreneurial leadership skills

III. Carpentry workshop

IV. Electrical workshop

V. Product cooking workshop

VI. Plumbing workshop

VII. Cutting and sewing of beachwear workshop

VIII. SME organization and business rules

IX. Promotion and advertising

Resource management and administration

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